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Now it's easy for your chapter to get on the Fast Track! A low monthly
fee per chapter &you get the full Fast Track program and much more,
including:Click to Contact Us!
  • BNI Networking Secrets CDs for all current chapter members.
  • Free CD sets for NEW members as your chapter grows. Provides you with an Instant Mentoring Program!
  • Fast Track Orientation Call for Education Coordinator & Leadership Team to go over all materials and answer questions.
  • Goal-Setting Process and Tracking Tools for Revenue, Referral and Chapter Growth.
  • 18-Week BNI Networking Secrets Curriculum Led by Education Coordinator in your chapter meetings, plus the Member Workbook.
  • Renowned support & chapter coaching from Flynn & Sara.
  • PLUS! The Visitor WOW Program focused on GROWING YOUR CHAPTER. Based on the BNI Visitor Experience CD set with Dr. Misner, with EC and member support materials - included FREE with chapter subscription. $300 VALUE! See below for details.
  • ALSO INCLUDED! Our brand new CD set with Dr. Misner - The Secret to Great Leadership Teams. FREE CDs for your Leadership Team included with chapter subscription, plus the accompanying handbook and chapter support. $200 VALUE!

With the chapter subscription program, your chapter gets training & coaching all year long – for a low monthly fee. And, since we provide CD sets for new members – you have a great way to bring them on board and get them up to speed with the BNI Fundamentals.  That means everyone starts making more money, faster!

MORE ABOUT THE VISITOR WOW PROGRAM - Included FREE with Chapter Subscription

Based on the BNI Visitor Experience CDs, this complete package of support materials helps each and every member get engaged in growing your chapter. You will receive:
  • $300 Value FREE with Chapter Subscription!Orientation for the Education Coordinator, Visitor Hosts and Leadership Team
  • Step-by-Step Process to Follow
  • Power Team Exercise to Decide Who to Invite
  • 2 Processes for Exactly How to Invite
  • Handouts for Invitees & Visitors
  • BNI Visitor Experience CD Sets from Dr. Misner/BNI Fast Track
  • Tools for Tracking & Following Up
  • Specific Tips & Tricks for Visitor Hosts
  • Pre/Post Meeting Coaching as Needed
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